in schools, one of the classes into lớn which children of the same age are divided according khổng lồ ability.

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The high nutritional quality of the detrital organic matter in our study stream may result from grazing by tadpoles which enhances nitroren fluxes.
They found that the amplitude of the dust-acoustic soliton structures decreases significantly with an increase in the dust streaming velocity.
Eels were sampled in the main stream at both sites which were similar in flow rate, stream width and substratum.
The development was carried out for dataflow networks between simple stream domains for ease of presentation.
A topography with similar scales in both the downstream và the cross-stream directions is potentially more relevant lớn geophysical problems.
chú ý the velothành phố larger than không lấy phí stream outside the slug region and the slow decay of disturbances both up- and downstream.
A timed stream is easily converted to lớn a finer time scale by inserting a certain number of ticks before each element.
For streaming below a certain threshold we determined matched asymptotic expansions for the electric potential, ion number mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa & ion velocity.
The focus was on meteorology, magnetism, atmospheric science, & ionospheric physics, & investigating the global implications of the newly discovered "jet stream".
Higher match rates make future consumption streams more affordable and therefore tend khổng lồ increase current consumption.

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